Hyperpigmentation treatments for the face

As a prevalent skin issue, hyperpigmentation can be treated in various ways. Below we will discuss some treatments of hyperpigmentation of the face.

Treatment methods

Chemical Peel

With a chemical peel, concentrated acids are applied to the problem area of the skin. By scraping off your skin’s surface, they can lessen the visibility of hyperpigmentation.

While you can find chemical peels at your local drugstore, consider receiving a medical-grade peel from your dermatologist. 

Laser Peel

Hyperpigmentation can be diminished with the help of laser peel (resurfacing) treatment. Ablative and non-ablative are the two types of laser peels.

Ablative lasers are the strongest and can remove entire layers of skin at once. However, dermal stimulation of collagen formation and tightening effects can be achieved using non-ablative techniques.


The hyperpigmentation limited to the epidermis can be treated with microdermabrasion, performed in a medical office.

Your dermatologist will operate using a portable tool similar to a drill attached to a wire brush or other abrasive attachment. 


Although dermabrasion also removes the epidermis, its effects reach deeper into the dermis.

Dermabrasion is mainly used to improve the skin’s texture but is sometimes used to remove fine lines and wrinkles. These are the scars left behind by acne, ageing, chicken pox, injuries, and the sun.


Retinoids derived from vitamin A are among the oldest active ingredients in over-the-counter (OTC) skincare products. Due to their tiny molecular nature, they can reach the skin layers under the epidermis.

What’s the Difference Between a Dermatologist and a Beautician?

Both of these professionals work with the skin, but there are some striking differences between the two.

A beautician is, as the name implies, concerned with the beauty or cosmetic appearance of the skin. They offer minor treatments to the skin: easing blackheads, applying light chemical peels and, using other products to temporarily improve the appearance of their subject’s skin, by treating the surface of the skin. The products used by a beautician will almost always be available to buy from pharmacies and supermarkets as over-the-counter products. The use of these products is seldom restricted. Beauticians are trained over a matter of months or weeks, and hold diplomas in beauty therapies. They may, if concerned, refer their clients to a dermatology specialist.

A dermatologist, on the other hand, is a medical professional. Dermatology is a branch of medicine which is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. Dermatologists work to understand the root cause of skin blemishes, lesions and sores which can be anything from viruses to vitamin deficiencies and everything in between, offering treatments that can be topical or internal medication, many of which need to be prescribed and should not be used without being prescribed by a medical professional – such as a dermatologist. Dermatologists are highly trained professionals with medical degrees and are often consulted through referrals from the beauty industry or from general practitioners of medicine who cannot diagnose the skin ailment in question.

The Incredible Bangkok Planetarium: A Window to the Universe

The Bangkok Planetarium is a great place to explore the wonders of the night sky. Located in Sukhumvit, it is the largest and oldest planetarium in Thailand and all of Southeast Asia. It has a dome that measures 20.6 metres in diameter and 13 metres in height and a seating capacity of 450 people. 

The Bangkok Planetarium offers a range of educational activities and events designed to increase the public’s understanding of the universe. Visitors can explore the solar system and the stars, planets, and galaxies that make up our universe. They can also learn about various astronomical phenomena such as eclipses, comets, and meteor showers.

The Bangkok Planetarium has been around since 1962, when construction began, and it opened its doors to the public for the first time on August 18, 1964. The planetarium’s exhibition is divided into 4 exhibition halls, namely:

Planetarium hall – This is used to display presentations on the hall’s dome ceiling. The presentations’ subjects are changed every two months.

Exhibition hall 2 – Showcases cutting-edge technology like the Terra and Quickbird satellites, the THEOS telescope, and more. In addition, there are specialised areas where visitors may do their own scientific experiments, such as the Space touch, Fun science, and Rolling sphere.

Exhibition hall 3 – Exhibits the diversity of river life by displaying freshwater and saltwater fish, as well as endangered and economically important species.

Exhibition hall 4 – Displays the Green World Treasure, Nature legacy, Dinosaur Exhibition, Weird Life, World of Insects and Kid Town Exhibition.

The Solar Energy Exhibition features several Solar Energy processes, as well as an introduction to solar cells, their different varieties, their underlying concepts, and the many different ways they may be used. There are also operational models of alarm systems powered by solar cells and a solar water heater outside the show hall.

No matter your reason for visiting Bangkok Planetarium, it will surely be an unforgettable experience. The planetarium is a great way to expand your knowledge of space, the cosmos, and the night sky. So, if you’re ever in Bangkok, make sure to check out the Bangkok Planetarium and experience the wonders of the universe!

Sukhumvit Bangkok

Sukhumvit is a dynamic and busy neighbourhood in Bangkok, Thailand, along the famous Sukhumvit Road. You can find some of the city’s finest bars, restaurants, and hotels in this area, which also serves as a major shopping and entertainment hub. Everything one might hope to find in a posh section of a significant city is available in this district in Bangkok. Sukhumvit hotels are a must-visit at least once on any trip to Bangkok.

How to Travel Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Area

The Skytrain (BTS) makes it considerably more convenient to explore the incredible length of Sukhumvit by passing through the majority of the central business district.

In addition, the Sukhumvit district of central Bangkok is well-served by a variety of convenient public transportation options, including the Airport Rail Link, a commuter train from Suvarnabhumi Airport, and the Sukhumvit Road, which stretches from the city’s core to the border with Cambodia, and the Metro, which provides access to the district’s core.

What to do in Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit is the place to be if you’re seeking a wide range of activities, as it is constantly the scene of new and exciting happenings. Some of the city’s sexier nightlife may be found in this area. However, many sois conceal pleasant surprises like cafes, restaurants, and day spas; these are well worth finding out as they provide welcome respites from the city’s hectic pace.

Sukhumvit is recognised as Bangkok’s best location to shop for luxury items. You may find the newest styles from the world’s most recognisable brands in Sukhumvit’s shopping malls and department stores. More budget-friendly stores and outdoor markets can be found all along Sukhumvit, providing access to a wide range of necessities and cheap trinkets.End Of Article

Dermatology Facials

Dermatology facials are a skin care treatments targeting specific skin concerns. Acne (or acne-related diseases, including perioral dermatitis), pigmentation issues, and sun damage are just a few of the skin conditions that could be treated.

Also known as “medical facials.” Spa facials and classic facials are other names for regular facials that distinguish them from the more intensive facials used in dermatology.

Does the Treatment Work?

Those facials do have an effect. Your skin will look and feel fresher, brighter, and smoother after the treatment. You may also notice that your skin feels and looks tighter and even slightly lifted after a facial.

The procedure is tailored to your specific skin issues so that you can expect better results than a spa facial.

How does the Treatment Work?

In the first step, you’ll consult a medical professional who will inspect your face to determine the best course of action. A chemical peel method is selected to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin’s surface, while intense pulsed light (IPL) can treat thread veins, fade pigmentation, and lessen the effects of UV damage.

After discussing your desired facial in detail, your practitioner or a trusted associate aesthetician will carry it out. The dermatological procedures will be performed alongside the more common spa-facial procedures, such as washing and exfoliating.

Side Effects

A dermatologist-grade facial may include more complex ingredients, but it should still have a few negative effects. Some people experience a heated, reddish face right after a facial treatment. You should feel better after experiencing these side effects within a few hours.

Street Food in Bangkok

To really enjoy your time in Bangkok, you need to partake in its legendary street food. No matter where you go in the city, you will never be far from a food stall, with the highest concentrations in high-traffic locations. It is possible to eat in the same area night after night and always have a new selection of food from the many vendors since some of them work together, particularly in local markets. There are even some that operate until the wee hours of the morning.

Eating street food in Bangkok is one of the most authentic ways to experience the local cuisine, community and economy. Thai food, particularly street food, is some of the best in the world. You simply can’t afford to miss trying some local street cuisine while in Bangkok. Even after eating the greatest street cuisine Bangkok has to offer, you will still be hungry for more.

Types of Street Food Outlets in Bangkok

In Bangkok, the word “street food” applies to a broad range of dining establishments; it is not limited to foods that are served from makeshift carts on the pavement. Even in traditional shophouses, it is possible to get delectable street food. At these establishments, it is not uncommon for tables to spill out onto the street.

In addition, the most well-known and delicious buffet in Bangkok are often available at prices that are quite easy on the wallet without requiring any sacrifices in terms of flavour, quantity, or quality of the dish.

All You Need to Know about Mole Removal

Moles are typical skin growths that occur on your body or skin. You do not need to worry about these moles because most of them are harmless. You do not need to remove the mole if it is not cancerous and does not disturb you. Mole removal is your choice, depending on how irritating it is or how it affects your appearance.

How to know that a mole is cancerous?

Visiting a dermatologist is the best option you need to take to understand whether the mole on your body is cancerous. Often screening is recommended if you have a skin cancer background. A checkup is required if you notice such features on a mole that appear on your body.
– Asymmetrical
– Irregular bodies
– Color is not uniform
– Change in shape, size, or color
– The diameter is larger than the pencil eraser

After conducting some tests, a dermatologist will decide whether the mole is skin cancer.

Why is it unsafe to remove a mole by yourself?

Although there are ways of removing a mole at home, it is not recommended because it is unsafe. Doing it at home may seem easy, but there is no proven evidence to show that it works effectively. Online stores provide removal creams that have demonstrated side effects which cause a thick scar.

Because you do not know whether a mole is cancerous or not, you may be at risk when you try getting rid without professional assistance. The mole can spread and threaten your life if it is cancerous and you have removed it by yourself. You may also be at risk of infections when you use tools that are not properly sanitized.

It is advisable to visit a dermatologist to help you test and remove the mole irritating you. This will ensure that all risks accompanied by home removal are avoided.

Visiting London Zoo at Christmas – what to see this year

If you are looking to experience the magic of Christmas, you may want to consider a visit to London Zoo. Here is what to see this year.

What’s on London Zoo this Christmas

A visit to London Zoo this year promises to be a jam-packed event where you can enjoy a good time with your family and friends. The Zoo is home to over 20,000 animal species. Visitors will receive a trail card which they can use to collect information about the animals and report back to Santa at the polar post room to make sure all animals get their perfect gifts this Christmas.

What’s new during this year’s event

The London Zoo management has branded a new fantasy sweetshop for 2021, where visitors can sample and spoil themselves with treats such as candy canes, floss, and marshmallows. There are also several stalls where visitors can grab a bite as they explore the Zoo.

A family-friendly affair at the London Zoo

The London Zoo is family-friendly, and kids have a chance to meet Santa Claus in his magical grotto and even receive gifts to sweeten the Christmas spirit. Furthermore, there is also a VIP Meet Santa treat in which visitors will have breakfast and interact with Santa. The organisers of this year’s Christmas at London Zoo have planned everything out to ensure visitors can have a fun day in which they can relax safely. Patrons, Fellows and Members will gain entry to the Zoo for free if they have their membership cards. Other visitors will be required to have a zoo ticket to gain access. The tickets can be applied online or by contacting support.

What is a deep tissue massage and what are the benefits of this treatment?

Deep Tissue Massage – Why it is the Best Form of Exercise

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic massage that treats the muscles layers and interconnecting tissues. It is different from the regular massage as it solves chronic pains realised in strenuous activities such as sports injuries and body stiffness. The process is vigorous and has long-lasting effects.

Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage – Why the Body Needs It

The body needs a deep tissue massage once in a while, and in case of regular strenuous activities, the practice should be often. If the body is left untendered, it grows stiff and rigid, leading to opportunistic diseases. Therefore, this form of massage comes in handy. The following are the advantages of deep tissue massage:-

1. Helps address chronic back pains – deep tissue massage help in straightening muscles on the back, effectively reducing the pain.

2. Lowers stress levels – it has therapeutic effects that relieve accumulated pressure, both from the body and the mind. A relaxed body controls stress, improving psychological health.

3.Improve blood flows – deep tissue massage helps burn out fats deposited on blood vessels, which improves blood flow.

4. Prevents high blood pressure – for patients with hypertension, this form of massage helps regulate the heart rate, effectively controlling high blood pressure.

5. Quicker recovery from injuries – its aids in relieving pain, restores motion, healing muscle pains and improves blood circulation around the injury.

6. Ease back pains, especially in pregnancy – deep tissue massage helps relieve anxiety, improves sleep and reduces back pains.

If you are enjoying a stay at K West Hotel & Spa don’t miss to try their deep tissue massage, you won’t regret it!

The History of the Sukhumvit Area of Bangkok

This area is one of the districts in Bangkok that is famous with expats and tourists with the lower part famous for its Red Light districts. It is also the longest boulevard in the whole world. Besides, the area boasts of vibrant nightlife, major hotels such as the Landmark Bangkok Hotel and a hub for various activities for visitors to this area.

However, the history of this location is a long and eventful one as discussed below. Up until World War II, this area was a rice field, with very few farmers living in the area. After the war was over, rice farming became less profitable. The area was converted to a housing area that had villas meant to house the upper class. The poor that lived in this area were pushed south. Over time, the boulevard enlarged, with new properties being built in the area over time.

The Opening Up of a Road


city-2541005_1920 (1)

The Sukhumvit road has also been instrumental in growing the area in terms of reputation and opening it up to the rest of the city. This road was started in the early 1970s when the Thailand economy started to take off. With tourism becoming one of the most important sectors of the economy, the country embarked on a transformational agenda where the most important infrastructure was built. The rod is one of the landmarks of the area and sees heavy traffic all week long.

Introduction of the SkyTrain



Over the years, the traffic had become so bad that the government decided to add another form of transport in the area: the SkyTrain. This train was completed in 199 and ran alongside the road for the better part. Tourists that come to experience the fun of the SkyTrain also get a glimpse of the boulevard. This has increased its popularity significantly over the last few years.

Growth of a Vibrant Life and Shopping



During the initial development of the area, most of the entertainment hotspots were limited to the poorer south district and now the famous Klong Toei market. However, due to an influx of tourists taking up apartments in the area, the nightlight started growing in the area, with time, markets and open-air retail shops opened stall in the area. Today, the area is awash with a budget and luxurious hotels such as the Landmark Bangkok Hotel. There are also large malls selling everything from a local hat to the latest designer watches and fashion.

Sukhumvit is one of the leading districts in the area and one of the most popular with visitors to the city.

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