What is a deep tissue massage and what are the benefits of this treatment?

Deep Tissue Massage – Why it is the Best Form of Exercise

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic massage that treats the muscles layers and interconnecting tissues. It is different from the regular massage as it solves chronic pains realised in strenuous activities such as sports injuries and body stiffness. The process is vigorous and has long-lasting effects.

Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage – Why the Body Needs It

The body needs a deep tissue massage once in a while, and in case of regular strenuous activities, the practice should be often. If the body is left untendered, it grows stiff and rigid, leading to opportunistic diseases. Therefore, this form of massage comes in handy. The following are the advantages of deep tissue massage:-

1. Helps address chronic back pains – deep tissue massage help in straightening muscles on the back, effectively reducing the pain.

2. Lowers stress levels – it has therapeutic effects that relieve accumulated pressure, both from the body and the mind. A relaxed body controls stress, improving psychological health.

3.Improve blood flows – deep tissue massage helps burn out fats deposited on blood vessels, which improves blood flow.

4. Prevents high blood pressure – for patients with hypertension, this form of massage helps regulate the heart rate, effectively controlling high blood pressure.

5. Quicker recovery from injuries – its aids in relieving pain, restores motion, healing muscle pains and improves blood circulation around the injury.

6. Ease back pains, especially in pregnancy – deep tissue massage helps relieve anxiety, improves sleep and reduces back pains.

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The History of the Sukhumvit Area of Bangkok

This area is one of the districts in Bangkok that is famous with expats and tourists with the lower part famous for its Red Light districts. It is also the longest boulevard in the whole world. Besides, the area boasts of vibrant nightlife, major hotels such as the Landmark Bangkok Hotel and a hub for various activities for visitors to this area.

However, the history of this location is a long and eventful one as discussed below. Up until World War II, this area was a rice field, with very few farmers living in the area. After the war was over, rice farming became less profitable. The area was converted to a housing area that had villas meant to house the upper class. The poor that lived in this area were pushed south. Over time, the boulevard enlarged, with new properties being built in the area over time.

The Opening Up of a Road


city-2541005_1920 (1)

The Sukhumvit road has also been instrumental in growing the area in terms of reputation and opening it up to the rest of the city. This road was started in the early 1970s when the Thailand economy started to take off. With tourism becoming one of the most important sectors of the economy, the country embarked on a transformational agenda where the most important infrastructure was built. The rod is one of the landmarks of the area and sees heavy traffic all week long.

Introduction of the SkyTrain



Over the years, the traffic had become so bad that the government decided to add another form of transport in the area: the SkyTrain. This train was completed in 199 and ran alongside the road for the better part. Tourists that come to experience the fun of the SkyTrain also get a glimpse of the boulevard. This has increased its popularity significantly over the last few years.

Growth of a Vibrant Life and Shopping



During the initial development of the area, most of the entertainment hotspots were limited to the poorer south district and now the famous Klong Toei market. However, due to an influx of tourists taking up apartments in the area, the nightlight started growing in the area, with time, markets and open-air retail shops opened stall in the area. Today, the area is awash with a budget and luxurious hotels such as the Landmark Bangkok Hotel. There are also large malls selling everything from a local hat to the latest designer watches and fashion.

Sukhumvit is one of the leading districts in the area and one of the most popular with visitors to the city.

The Most Important Museums and Exhibition Centres in West London

Discover some of the best and most important award-winning exhibition centres and museums, where visitors can go with family and have fun while learning.


The domain of the British Capital’s famous and rich, West London’s attractions include exhibition centres and world-class museums. Here are some of the most important museums and exhibition centres in West London.


Science Museum – Visitors Get to Enjoy Fascinating Exhibitions and Events


Attracting more than 3 million visitors annually, the Science Museum is home to more than 300,000 items relating to public health, medicine and science. Also, there are always fascinating events and exhibitions taking place.

It doesn’t charge visitors for admission. However, temporary exhibitions can incur an admission fee. This museum is part of the SMG (Science Museum Group), after merging with the Manchester-based Science and Industry Museum in 2012.


Olympia, London – A Visit with Family to the Heart of London


Olympia is a famous exhibition centre, conference centre and event space. This venue is home to various events, conferences, international trade plus consumer exhibitions. Notable events include Olympia Beauty, an annual beauty event first held here in 2004; Got to Dance final was aired live in Olympia in 2012 and 2013; Doctor Who Experience, held from 1st January – 22nd February; Domenico Spada vs Darren Barker in the World Boxing Organization European Middleweight title, held on 30 April 2011; and many more. Here is Olympia, London’s website: https://olympia.london/


The Natural History Museum – Enjoy over 70 Million Specimens


This natural history museum exhibits a wide range of specimens from many segments of natural history. This museum is home to earth and life science specimens comprising more than 80 Million items within 5 main collections: zoology, palaeontology, mineralogy, entomology and botany. It’s a centre of research and specialises in conservation, identification and taxonomy. Given the age of this institution, most of the collections found here have great scientific and historical value, like specimens collected by the English biologist, naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin.


The Victoria & Albert Museum – Great Place for Visitors to Learn About Fashion and Style


V&A is the leading museum of fashion and design in the world. The collection of this museum is spread over 7 levels, and occupies 51,000 square metres, in a striking Aston Webb designed building. The Victoria & Albert Museum’s 145 galleries are typically arranged around 5 major themes: Techniques, Materials, Europe and Asia.


West London has lots of attractions and things to do. Visitors who are planning to go to this multicultural and sophisticated city should book accommodation ahead of time. There are contemporary hotels near Olympia London, like K West Hotel & Spa, which is Rich in designer details.



The floating Markets of Bangkok

Bangkok Floating Markets to Visit for the Ultimate Thai Experience


Shopping is a big part of the culture in Bangkok, and its floating markets are some of the most exciting ways to enjoy it. Here, we look at some of the floating markets of Bangkok.
A floating market is a whole new way to shop, and you can experience it at one of the top locations in Bangkok. Thailand found a creative way of taking advantage of the waterways that it has access to. Floating markets are not only fascinating tourist attractions but also affordable shopping alternatives. Whether its fresh produce or souvenirs to take home, almost anything is present. The markets are in different areas of Bangkok, so wherever it is, you are usually not far away from a floating market. The following are some floating markets that you can visit in Bangkok.


Damnoen Saduak


This market is among the most famous in Bangkok. For this reason, it has become a tourist hotspot. It is a large and colourful market with rows of boats lining the waterway. Over time, Damnoen Saduak has lost the traditional feel, but it remains an interesting place to see. You can take a three-hour bus ride to the market from the city. It is about 80 Km from Bangkok in Ratchaburi Province. Alternatively, take a tour to Damnoen Saduak and see a few more attractions on your way there.


Wat Sai

If you are looking for a floating market to visit that is close to the city, Wat Sai is one recommendation; it is only a half hour away. Take a taxi ride from Lancaster Bangkok or book a tour to get here. The appeal of Wat Sai floating market is the authentic Thai culture that you come into contact with. Interact with the locals and enjoy traditional street food as you roam the market.


Taling Chan


Another floating market to venture into close to the city centre is Taling Chan, which is about 12 Km from downtown Bangkok. Taling Chan has a traditional market next to it, so the shopping options are quite extensive. It is a tad smaller compared to some other floating markets. Take short boat trips and see what the place has to offer.



The charm of Amphawa makes it irresistible. Although it is a bit far from Bangkok, about 50 Km, the trip is worth it. Small wooden houses rest on the side of the canal, forming a picturesque scenery. Arts and crafts are some of the main goods in this market, but you will find a great selection of clothes. It caters more to natives than foreigners and, therefore, has a different feel.


Bangkok offers more than just colourful floating markets. Spare time to talk to the locals and enjoy the delicacies while visiting.

The history of Portobello Road Market.

The history of Portobello Road Market – from Country Lane to World Class


The very nature of the 21st century causes many people to hanker after the good old days of yesteryear. They love the solidness and craftsmanship of old items and the nostalgia connected to them. They sift through the odds and ends at an antique market and pick up gems from the past.


Today the antique market is experiencing a boom, and Portobello Road Market is prepared for it. Found in Notting Hill, London, they’re the world’s largest antique market with a history that goes back more than 300 years. Today the market has more than 1 000 traders.


When you browse through the stalls of this splendid market, you realise how rewarding it can be – a colourful market presenting top quality items from different countries – offering something for everyone.


High-quality Antiques on Offer

Apart from there being plenty of stylish lodgings in the area, many people opt to stay at the newly refurbished 5-star Royal Lancaster London Hotel, loving the idea that the hotel has a long-standing history, two restaurants and beauty treatments on site. One of the restaurants Nipa Thai is one of few with the distinguished Thai Select award from the Thai Government.

The hotel is conveniently located near the likes of Hyde Park and of course, Portobello Road Market which offers trendy pubs and restaurants apart from all those exciting bargains. With the market stretching 2 miles along, the atmosphere and attractions seem to be never-ending.


The Metamorphosis Starts

Who can believe that this buzzing market once was a country path known as Green Lane. There was a farm too, known as Porto Bello, with the market getting its name from this farm. The farm got its name after the town of Porto Bello which the British captured in 1739 from the Spanish.


The farm area remained pretty much unchanged for decades really, and then slowly residential development began to change the landscape. Wealthy people began moving in and beautiful homes started emerging along with ordinary terrace homes being built for the working class. It was the northern end of the road that was the last to see development, with the opening of the Notting Hill Station.


A Mixed Bag is Offered


At first Portobello Road Market mainly sold food, but in the 1940s other traders moved in, among which were antique traders. Antiques are essentially what Portobello Road Market is all about, and Saturday is the top trading day. Today, while it is still known for its amazing antiques, other traders have come in selling a wonderful mix of fascinating clothes, scarves, shoes and other things too – ensuring the market’s vibrancy lives on.


Thanks to the film Notting Hill, this famous market is a tourist destination too, with Portobello Road attracting visitors from all over the UK and the world, and you want to be counted in next time you visit London.

Top Things to do in Florence

Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy: it’s full of history, stunning architecture and art, all having a small town feel. Millions of tourists visit the city every year and keep coming back to experience its mystery, beauty plus laid-back lifestyle.


That being said, here are the top things visitors can do in Florence:

Scale the Bell Tower and Duomo – Visitors Get The Best View of the City

Visitors can climb the 476 stairs, which is one of the architectural wonders of the world and look at Giorgio Vasari’s frescos that line the dome’s interior. From the top, visitors can see the whole city, but they can also climb the Bell Tower, which is just adjacent, where they can get a chance of examining the Duomo from an excellent angle.

Giardino delle Rose – Enjoy a Picnic with the Friends

This little garden that is tucked between San Niccolo and Piazzale Michelangelo offers visitors a fabulous, green refuge from the cyclist, wandering crowds and stone walls of the city.

Giardino delle Rose spans a hectare and within the park visitors will find lemon groves, a dozen sculptures, Japanese garden and over 350 varieties of roses, as well as unparalleled views of Florence. There are grassy spaces for visitors to bring snacks and wine and start enjoying.

Piazzale Michelangelo – Families will Enjoy the Best Sun Set in Town


At Piazzale Michelangelo, visitors will get to see the sun while It sets over the city. This is the most popular view overlooking the city: it has been reproduced on numerous photographs and postcards. Also, they will find David’s bronze replica believed to be safeguarding Florence. Visitors can either hire a cab, take the bus or hike to the top.

The Bargello – Visitors will See a Room Full of Donatello’s Masterpieces

Visitors can visit the national sculpture museum, Museo Nazionale del Bargello. The building, which looks like a castle, was built in 1255 to 1350 and was the original government seat. Tourists will get to see Florence’s best Renaissance sculpture collection, which is also among the greatest collection in Italy.

Dante Alighieri – The Whole Family Can Go on a Treasure Hunt

Florence isn’t shy about displaying Dante Alighieri’s Florentine roots. There is a large statue in his honour located in Piazza Santa Croce, which is a museum that is dedicated to Alighieri’s life and works (this includes The Divine Comedy).

There are also verses that are inscribed on several streets in the historical centre. Visitors can go to Santa Margherita de’ Cerchi, this is the church where Alighieri fell in love with the beautiful Beatrice, a doomed plus unrequited passion believed to have inspired most of his work. Link to a site showing the map of Florence: https://www.italyguides.it/en/tuscany/florence/interactive-map-of-florence

Those who have not visited Florence should not be left behind, the should join the millions of tourists who come here yearly to enjoy what the city has to offer. For accommodation in Florence, visitors can go at fiBNB apartments and they won’t be disappointed!

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