The History of the Sukhumvit Area of Bangkok

This area is one of the districts in Bangkok that is famous with expats and tourists with the lower part famous for its Red Light districts. It is also the longest boulevard in the whole world. Besides, the area boasts of vibrant nightlife, major hotels such as the Landmark Bangkok Hotel and a hub for various activities for visitors to this area.

However, the history of this location is a long and eventful one as discussed below. Up until World War II, this area was a rice field, with very few farmers living in the area. After the war was over, rice farming became less profitable. The area was converted to a housing area that had villas meant to house the upper class. The poor that lived in this area were pushed south. Over time, the boulevard enlarged, with new properties being built in the area over time.

The Opening Up of a Road


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The Sukhumvit road has also been instrumental in growing the area in terms of reputation and opening it up to the rest of the city. This road was started in the early 1970s when the Thailand economy started to take off. With tourism becoming one of the most important sectors of the economy, the country embarked on a transformational agenda where the most important infrastructure was built. The rod is one of the landmarks of the area and sees heavy traffic all week long.

Introduction of the SkyTrain



Over the years, the traffic had become so bad that the government decided to add another form of transport in the area: the SkyTrain. This train was completed in 199 and ran alongside the road for the better part. Tourists that come to experience the fun of the SkyTrain also get a glimpse of the boulevard. This has increased its popularity significantly over the last few years.

Growth of a Vibrant Life and Shopping



During the initial development of the area, most of the entertainment hotspots were limited to the poorer south district and now the famous Klong Toei market. However, due to an influx of tourists taking up apartments in the area, the nightlight started growing in the area, with time, markets and open-air retail shops opened stall in the area. Today, the area is awash with a budget and luxurious hotels such as the Landmark Bangkok Hotel. There are also large malls selling everything from a local hat to the latest designer watches and fashion.

Sukhumvit is one of the leading districts in the area and one of the most popular with visitors to the city.

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