The floating Markets of Bangkok

Bangkok Floating Markets to Visit for the Ultimate Thai Experience


Shopping is a big part of the culture in Bangkok, and its floating markets are some of the most exciting ways to enjoy it. Here, we look at some of the floating markets of Bangkok.
A floating market is a whole new way to shop, and you can experience it at one of the top locations in Bangkok. Thailand found a creative way of taking advantage of the waterways that it has access to. Floating markets are not only fascinating tourist attractions but also affordable shopping alternatives. Whether its fresh produce or souvenirs to take home, almost anything is present. The markets are in different areas of Bangkok, so wherever it is, you are usually not far away from a floating market. The following are some floating markets that you can visit in Bangkok.


Damnoen Saduak


This market is among the most famous in Bangkok. For this reason, it has become a tourist hotspot. It is a large and colourful market with rows of boats lining the waterway. Over time, Damnoen Saduak has lost the traditional feel, but it remains an interesting place to see. You can take a three-hour bus ride to the market from the city. It is about 80 Km from Bangkok in Ratchaburi Province. Alternatively, take a tour to Damnoen Saduak and see a few more attractions on your way there.


Wat Sai

If you are looking for a floating market to visit that is close to the city, Wat Sai is one recommendation; it is only a half hour away. Take a taxi ride from Lancaster Bangkok or book a tour to get here. The appeal of Wat Sai floating market is the authentic Thai culture that you come into contact with. Interact with the locals and enjoy traditional street food as you roam the market.


Taling Chan


Another floating market to venture into close to the city centre is Taling Chan, which is about 12 Km from downtown Bangkok. Taling Chan has a traditional market next to it, so the shopping options are quite extensive. It is a tad smaller compared to some other floating markets. Take short boat trips and see what the place has to offer.



The charm of Amphawa makes it irresistible. Although it is a bit far from Bangkok, about 50 Km, the trip is worth it. Small wooden houses rest on the side of the canal, forming a picturesque scenery. Arts and crafts are some of the main goods in this market, but you will find a great selection of clothes. It caters more to natives than foreigners and, therefore, has a different feel.


Bangkok offers more than just colourful floating markets. Spare time to talk to the locals and enjoy the delicacies while visiting.

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