What is a deep tissue massage and what are the benefits of this treatment?

Deep Tissue Massage – Why it is the Best Form of Exercise

Deep tissue massage is a therapeutic massage that treats the muscles layers and interconnecting tissues. It is different from the regular massage as it solves chronic pains realised in strenuous activities such as sports injuries and body stiffness. The process is vigorous and has long-lasting effects.

Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage – Why the Body Needs It

The body needs a deep tissue massage once in a while, and in case of regular strenuous activities, the practice should be often. If the body is left untendered, it grows stiff and rigid, leading to opportunistic diseases. Therefore, this form of massage comes in handy. The following are the advantages of deep tissue massage:-

1. Helps address chronic back pains – deep tissue massage help in straightening muscles on the back, effectively reducing the pain.

2. Lowers stress levels – it has therapeutic effects that relieve accumulated pressure, both from the body and the mind. A relaxed body controls stress, improving psychological health.

3.Improve blood flows – deep tissue massage helps burn out fats deposited on blood vessels, which improves blood flow.

4. Prevents high blood pressure – for patients with hypertension, this form of massage helps regulate the heart rate, effectively controlling high blood pressure.

5. Quicker recovery from injuries – its aids in relieving pain, restores motion, healing muscle pains and improves blood circulation around the injury.

6. Ease back pains, especially in pregnancy – deep tissue massage helps relieve anxiety, improves sleep and reduces back pains.

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