Dermatology Facials

Dermatology facials are a skin care treatments targeting specific skin concerns. Acne (or acne-related diseases, including perioral dermatitis), pigmentation issues, and sun damage are just a few of the skin conditions that could be treated.

Also known as “medical facials.” Spa facials and classic facials are other names for regular facials that distinguish them from the more intensive facials used in dermatology.

Does the Treatment Work?

Those facials do have an effect. Your skin will look and feel fresher, brighter, and smoother after the treatment. You may also notice that your skin feels and looks tighter and even slightly lifted after a facial.

The procedure is tailored to your specific skin issues so that you can expect better results than a spa facial.

How does the Treatment Work?

In the first step, you’ll consult a medical professional who will inspect your face to determine the best course of action. A chemical peel method is selected to remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin’s surface, while intense pulsed light (IPL) can treat thread veins, fade pigmentation, and lessen the effects of UV damage.

After discussing your desired facial in detail, your practitioner or a trusted associate aesthetician will carry it out. The dermatological procedures will be performed alongside the more common spa-facial procedures, such as washing and exfoliating.

Side Effects

A dermatologist-grade facial may include more complex ingredients, but it should still have a few negative effects. Some people experience a heated, reddish face right after a facial treatment. You should feel better after experiencing these side effects within a few hours.


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